Where are my clients hiding?

Where are my clients hiding? 1

So, where are my clients hiding?

  • Search in Google and Facebook!! (my uncle would say…)
  • Well… yes, but don’t get crazy on them… there’s life out there!

So in my opinion… Google and Facebook are the biggest advertising monsters and everyone should know how to use them, but an advertising strategy based just on these 2 channels can be a big mistake.

In fact, we can differentiate many traffic sources with access to thousands of users, and depending on the potential audience we are looking for, we must orient our strategy to them.

Just think about it:

  • It is not the same to sell life insurance packs than baby clothes.
  • Your audience has a first and a last name, don’t forget they are real persons and they use many online channels, apart from Google (in fact, they probably hardly use Google these days)
  • Your client does not want to receive spam every time they go to social media… Why would you promote yourself in Facebook if they are just looking for their nephew wedding pictures? Your client most probably will pay for a service or product that really needs, or that fits his personal lifestyle, so you have to find the right place and moment to show yourself!
  • Each channel has different advertising models (and prices).

TIP to summarize: review your target audience, talk to them, understand their needs and concerns, recognize how are they living, and develop a media strategy to increase your target audience volumes; that’s not a piece of cake, but it’s the logic process to multiply your client portfolio.

At this point, you just need a #trafficker, right?


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