Here in Game of ADs we have to admit that there are many problems by explaining our business model, both to companies and to private users and familiars.

We understand that this problem comes from a very little information that is transmitted to the advertiser and the opacity with which many companies “magically” get customers and then make thousands of videos and crazy expensive courses about it.

Sorry, but there is no magic in this business, just work, research, perseverance, trial, error1, error2, error 1,045 , and (after all) bright results.


A digital Trafficker is dedicated to locating customers, or groups of potential customers (target) in the online user’s spectrum to reach them with advertising of your products or services, and thus get new customers on your websites.

This is probably one of the most important keys to achieve your marketing and sales plans… After all, there are no sales without customers.

Look, most experts in the creation of start-ups recommend reaching a minimum audience interested in your product, before developing a good product (in terms of quality) … This is called PMV (Minimum Viable Product), but the background is translated in the following sentence:

“Reaching clients interested in your product is more effective than the value of your product itself.”

From Game Of Ads we have been buying large volumes of traffic for years, and our key values are:

  1. Real definition of the target audience.
  2. Media buying strategy adapted to the client’s target.
  3. Technological support to automate purchasing processes and risk analysis.

In a matter of fact, we work as an independent media buying company for large advertisers, advertising agencies, SMEs and startups;

We support them in the necessary technological process, we follow-up measures for their advertising projects, and we help them to achieve the desired sales results.


Do you see media buying as a key to success?

Do you have a trafficker by your side?


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